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Label “maybe thinks about making some money by releasing a record… if we can be bothered”

Posted by seanmascot on January 24, 2008

The New York Shakespeare Festival - Threepenny OperaI recently stumbled across a wonderful site called Dinosaur Gardens which has many ridiculously obscure recordings, many of which happen to be really good.  One of the many obscure OUT-OF-PRINT albums on there was the Threepenny Opera by the New York Shakespeare Festival.  It’s a good, if very bizarre soundtrack which, if not for DG I would never have heard, or even heard about.  Recently, however, the site has been made to take the MP3’s down by the label of the recordings.  This just seems stupid.  It’s giving people a chance to hear something they wouldn’t usually get the chance to, and the label doesn’t lose any money due to the fact that they don’t even have it in print!  So they don’t have it on sale, and they don’t want anybody to hear it!  Of course, they’ve then written in their reasoning something about vague murmurings of ‘discussing it internally’ at some point.  But I bet a release is not massively forthcoming.  The actual post is HERE.

3 Responses to “Label “maybe thinks about making some money by releasing a record… if we can be bothered””

  1. Jeffro said

    Hiya… I was late to the party and missed these tracks on the Dinosaur Gardens site… followed this link over from there. Any chance you can help me not have to wait for Sony to get off their corporate ass? Thanks much… good luck with your new blog! sensofwndrATaolDOTcom

  2. ironhills said

  3. Hey-

    Please allow me to respond. If we didn’t have plans for the album, we would not have requested it be taken down. I understand the “well we cant buy it so we’ll just make it available to everyone” argument, but in cases like this where the core passionate audience for this title is relatively small, we of course prefer that people get it from us, if only because chances are the recording will sound better (coming from the original masters).

    You will be able to get this release from in the spring.

    Thanks for your patience!

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